Malin Mejàre, CSO at Genovis, has passed away

On Saturday the 8th December we received the very sad news that Malin Mejàre had passed away after a long fight against cancer. Malin was 52 years old.

Malin came to Genovis in 2006 when the company was still young with just a few employees. Malin initially worked with the development of nanoparticles as a research tool within biotechnology and later shifted to working with enzymes where she could use her deep knowledge of biochemistry.

Malin saw the excitement within research and development work, where results were not always obvious, and new interpretations and methods were needed to solve each challenge.

Without Malin’s contribution over many years, Genovis would not be the company we are today. In addition to her being a kind person and valued colleague, Malin’s loyalty, experience and tireless work ethic was defining. It is very sad and unfair that she did not get the chance to continue the journey that she contributed to extensively.

All of us at Genovis miss Malin and our thoughts are with her family.

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