Brief History

Genovis was founded in 1999 by Sarah Fredriksson and she worked as the CEO of Genovis until May 2015 after which she went on to be chairman of the board. Initially, the business mainly focused on nanoparticles (NIMT®) intended for both the preclinical and clinical markets.

2006 The Genovis share was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, a marketplace for growth companies.

2007 Genovis acquired an exclusive license for the enzyme IdeS (FabRICATOR®) from Hansa Biopharma. The license laid the foundation for Genovis’ enzyme portfolio, which quickly expanded to include more commercial products, IgGZERO and GlycINATOR.

2013 The Genovis Board of Directors decided to transfer the business related to nanoparticles to the wholly-owned subsidiary GeccoDots AB. GeccoDots developed and marketed nanoparticles until the business closed in September 2015.

2015 Genovis founded a subsidiary in the US to be responsible for all sales in the North American market. The company was initially run by two sales representatives on the east coast and had inventory management in California. Genovis launched two new enzyme products, GingisKHAN® and FabRICATOR®Z, as well as a new service concept through which customers can order antibody fragmentation with “SmartEnzymes.”

2016 Genovis launched a further development of FabULOUS® that is marketed under the names FabULOUS®Fab kit and GingisREX®. The company entered into a license agreement with Life Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and presented a unique new proprietary technology for labeling antibodies, GlyCLICK®.

2017 Genovis added five new products to the product portfolio, including FabALACTICA® a unique enzyme for antibody analysis, as well as three unique enzymes for glycan analysis: OpeRATOR®, a completely unique protease that cleaves proteins at the exact site of a certain type of glycan, OglyZOR® and SialEXO®, which both have improved performance compared with similar enzymes on the market and together with OpeRATOR offer a unique and cutting-edge option in the field of glycan analysis, and finally GlyCLICK®, a product for specific labeling of antibodies for purposes such as development of biopharmaceuticals.

2018 Strengthened the marketing organization by hiring a Senior Application & Market Area Manager to Genovis Inc. USA. As a result, the company is now also represented by a sales representative stationed on the west coast. In addition, a Sales & Business Development Manager was hired at the Lund headquarters.

Genovis was certified to ISO 9001:2015. Quality certification means that the management system meets the requirements imposed by International Standard ISO 9001:2015. The certification covers product development, production and sales.

Genovis launched GlycOCATCH™, the first product in the company’s new product category for protein purification, and FabRICATOR®-HPLC for quality analysis of antibodies in automated analysis systems. FabRICATOR®-HPLC is based on Genovis’ FabRICATOR technology and can be used in current analysis systems for rapid analysis without manual sample handling.

2019 Genovis signed a collaboration agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific for the development of new methods for automatic sample handling and analysis of biopharmaceuticals based on chromatographic and mass spectrometric analytical methods (WM-MS). The purpose of the collaboration is to develop advanced work flows from start to finish for complex biological drug molecules in order to meet the growing need for effective, fast and simplified quality analyses.

2020, Genovis acquired all the shares in the privately held company QED Bioscience Inc. based in San Diego, USA and thus became a well-established supplier of high-quality antibodies and gained an expanded customer base for Genovis' antibody labeling technology GlyCLICK®. Further, Genovis and Glykos Finland Oy entered into a license and supply agreement for novel linker and cytotoxic drug derivatives. By using GlyCLICK® and cytotoxic drug derivatives from Glykos, Genovis can offer the biopharma community a platform to rapidly transform any antibody into an advanced site-specific antibody drug conjugate (ADC).

2021 Genovis and Waters initiated a partnership to co-develop Automated Biotherapeutic Characterization Workflows, Combining Genovis SmartEnzymes™and Waters LC-MS Instrumentation. Genovis licensed technology from GlycoT Therapeutics for a new platform in antibody labeling and at the same time outlicensed enzyme technology to GlycoT. Genovis granted Selecta Bioscience an exclusive license to develop and commercialize a new patent-pending antibody-cleaving enzyme, Xork™, as a potential pretreatment in gene therapy and in autoimmune diseases.

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