Election of Board of Directors/Nomination Committee

The composition of the Board of Directors is determined by vote at the AGM, in compliance with the Swedish Companies Act and Genovis’ articles of association.

Nomination Committee

The main task of the Nomination Committee is to propose candidates to the AGM for election to the Board.

The Nomination Committee also formulates proposals for chairman of the AGM, remuneration to the Board of Directors, remuneration to the auditors, and principles for appointments to the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee mandate runs until a new committee is appointed in 2022.

Nomination Committee members receive no remuneration from the Company other than compensation for direct costs incurred.

The 2021 AGM decided that Genovis will have a Nomination Committee consisting of representatives for the four largest shareholders as of September 30, 2021. The Nomination Committee shall appoint a chairman from among its members. It is incumbent upon the Chairman of the Board to convene the Nomination Committee. Should a shareholder decline to participate on the Nomination Committee, the right to appoint a representative shall be transferred to the next largest shareholder not represented in the committee. If deemed appropriate as a result of ownership changes, the Nomination Committee shall invite additional shareholders to join the Nomination Committee, though the total number of members may not exceed five. In the event a member of the Nomination Committee leaves the Committee before its work is completed, the Chairman of the Board, if the Nomination Committee deems necessary, shall invite the same shareholder or, if the latter is no longer one of the major shareholders, the shareholder next entitled, in terms of size of shareholding, to appoint a replacement. Such a change shall be announced on the Company’s website.

Nomination Committee for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

  • Mikael Lönn
  • TIN Ny Teknik, represented by Erik Sprinchorn, Portfolio manager
  • Aktia Placeringsfonder, represented by Markus Lindqvist, Director, Aktia Fondbolag AB
  • Second AP Fund, represented by Johan Sjöström, Portfolio manager

Nomination Committee Proposals

Shareholders wishing to submit comments or proposals to the Nomination Committee should do so no later than March 1, 2022. Proposals may be sent to the following mailing address, email address or by fax:
Genovis AB
Investor Relations
Box 790
220 07 Lund
Email: info@genovis.com
Fax: +46 (0)46-12 80 20

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