Overarching Goals

  • Genovis will increase knowledge about biological processes that enable new and effective treatments and medicines.
  • Genovis will establish its products as the solution of choice in all analyses, from early discovery to production of tomorrow’s medications.
  • Genovis will create long-term shareholder value through results that generate both dividends for shareholders and funding for the continued innovative development of the Company.

Goals 2018-2019

Financial Targets

  • Positive EBITDA on a quarterly basis during individual quarters.
  • Genovis will achieve annual organic sales growth of at least 25 percent.

Operational Objectives

  • Genovis will launch at least three products in 2018.
  • Establish partner/distributor agreements in additional markets in Asia.
  • Genovis will establish FabRICATOR© and the other enzymes as quality control tools in production of materials intended for clinical trials.
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